Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless dog fences are a relatively new technology created  to teach dogs not to stray from your yard. There's no longer a  need to construct a physical fence to contain your dog. As the name suggests, the new technology does not use the presence of wires, either above or below ground.

Wireless dog fences use only two components: a wireless transmitter and an electronic receiver collar. With these two components, a dog owner can keep his dog safely on his property and away from harm.

The Wireless Dog Fence Is Invisible

The wireless dog fence is not a fence per se. It is an invisible barrier that surrounds a house. The four corners of this barrier are governed and set by a pre-set distance in the transmitter's memory. For example, if the owner sets 90 feet as the limit to the dog's roaming area, the transmitter will measure the dog's distance up to 90 feet on any direction.  However, be careful when you set the distance, that it does not go beyond your yard's boundary and onto your neighbor's property. 

The  Wireless Dog Fence Is a Good Disciplinarian

The wireless dog fence is good at exacting discipline for the dogs. Dogs are intelligent animals. For example, if they you train them to do something and give them treats after they accomplish it, they'll start to associate what you have asked them to do with the treats they receive; thus they'll willingly do it the next time you give the command.

Dogs are also too intelligent to be contained by fences, not unless you build them so high. They can easily find ways to jump over short fences and escape out of your property, and into a neighbor's yard or onto a street.  There they are bound to cause something that you will be liable for like biting someone and causing injury or being injured themselves. The wireless dog fence takes advantage of that intelligence in order to teach dogs not to stray too far from their homes. It does that by sending a stimulating signal via the receiver collars in the dog's neck, which irritates the dog and prevents him from proceeding farther.

With prolonged training, the dog will learn to associate such a distance with the stimulation, which it will then avoid. It's like spanking the dog when he goes too far. He'll teach himself that going that far will lead to spanking and will not do so. Of course, no one wants to spank a dog. It's an act of animal cruelty, and no good owner who loves his pets would want to hurt his dog even for discipline.

The wireless dog fence is, of course, safe for dog's use. It will not harm the animals, as the stimulation is not strong enough to hurt but only irritates. It will, of course, not kill the dog because then it will be considered illegal and will not be sold in the market.

The wireless dog fence is recommended for use with big dogs, those that weigh at least 8 pounds or heavier. It is not ideal for use with smaller ones unless you purchase one specifically for a smaller dog. Dogs should ideally also be trained with simple commands like "sit" and "stay" in order to maximize the effects of the wireless dog fence.

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